The Debt Slaying Challenge:Eliminating Debt Fast Book + 3 Expert Videos

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The debt slaying challenge book is for you if :

Last year you didn’t pay off as much debt as you wanted to, this book is for you.

You’ve made many attempts in the past to work down various credit card debt in the hopes of applying that money you’ll eventually save towards creating an emergency fund, you’re in the right place.

Normally you get pretty close, but life always inevitably interferes and I go right back into debt on your credit cards, this book is definitely for you.

You have dreams of being debt free, but you’ve been falling short trying to do it on your own and you need support paying off debt, this is the right book for you.

Think about this…

What would it mean to not have to stress about your debt anymore?

To be able to finally start investing, or put more money towards your investments?

To have a plan to get rid of your debt, so that you could move on to your real money goals. Like traveling more often. Or just being able to help your friends or family in a time of need without feeling like you can’t help because of your debt.

How about finally being able to have a peace of mind and not getting anxiety every time you get paid because you feel limited to the amount of money you have.

Imagine finally being able to be free to use more of your money towards the things you actually enjoy spending your money on.

How would not having debt change your entire life?

Imagine being able to go on more vacations without worrying about all the debt that’s already piled onto your credit card.

Imagine the freedom you would feel to not have to worry about having that debt weighing you down. Because let’s face it when you have a ton of debt you can’t live your life how you truly want because you feel restricted.

Now you could finally help out your family in a time of need or even donate to those charities you’ve been meaning to donate to.

Or being able to attend your friend’s group dinner without feeling like you can’t afford to order an appetizer and the main course.

Without having to worry about debt you can now save more money in your emergency fund and finally be able to invest in yourself and your future.

Advanced Package:

The Debt Slaying Challenge :Eliminating Debt Fast Book + 3 Expert Videos

Learn how to kick that credit card debt and school loans to the curb, so that you can move on to your real life goals. (Like traveling, saving, buying a home and investing.) This book is going to teach you to do just that.

The Debt Slaying Challenge Book (120 page PDF)

Everything you need to get you on your way of becoming debt free.

8 chapters of the book comes with a video, with some behind the scenes thoughts and tips. 3 of the videos are case studies from people who were in my debt challenge 11 week debt challenge where collectively we paid off $39,500 of debt. They’re sharing all of their strategies.

You Also get 3 expert videos which the links are included inside the pdf:

Dominique Brown

is a licensed financial advisor and REALTOR® who helps individuals and small businesses overcome their financial roadblocks to financial freedom. We chat all about how to prepare for buying your first home.

Sandy Smith

Is no stranger to side hustles, in fact back in December she made $20,000 from her Amazon store. How Sway?! In this video we are chatting all about side hustles.

Tai Stewart

Runs a full-service accounting firm, so you know we had to chat about what to do when you start your side hustle and the money starts rolling in.

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The Debt Slaying Challenge:Eliminating Debt Fast Book + 3 Expert Videos

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I want this!